Welcome to TC's Front Porch!

TC’s Front Porch is ready to serve you great food and your favorite cold beverage.
TC’s is Navarre’s best cafe style restaurant in Navarre.

In the mean time, don’t be shy… Stop in and say hi!
We are located just to the west of the Navarre Bridge overlooking the entrance to the Causeway.

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Restaurants in Navarre FL

Restaurants in Navarre FL TC’s Front Porch is now known locally as One of the Best Restaurants in Navarre Florida.  We are proud of the success we have achieved and look forward to taking care of our customers throughout the summer and beyond. We appreciate your business!  Stop by and tell us how we can do better! As we...

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Vacation at Navarre Beach

Are you on your way or already here on Vacation at Navarre Beach? A visit to Navarre Beach is not complete with out an evening of relaxation at TC’s Front Porch. Stop by and enjoy a cold drink and experience one of our signature Sunsets while visiting with friends.  TC’s is located at the foot of the Navarre Beach...

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